Colour training


Scientific research, France
The French company Myrissa does research in the interface between neurosciences, marketing and patented technology. The company has exclusive tools to guide the food industry in colour choices and olfactory developments. They use Kolormondo as part of their process. I’m using your Kolormondo globes and your application because it’s really a great tool for us. Our panel members are formed to the color universe with it and they use it during each test session. Kolormondo is the easiest way to teach colours to our panelists” says Faustine Noel of Myrissa.


Colour measurement, UK
“As experts in colour science, the Lovibond® team commends Kolormondo’s vision to introduce colour knowledge world-wide, helping and encouraging non-professionals to become experts in the field of colour. Having spent years trying to explain our business to our friends and family, we found this an incredibly useful tool – it explains the complexity of colour while making it simple”.
Elizabeth Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, Lovibond Tintometer

The Kolormondo will come in most useful when we are explaining our product; it links in quite nicely with our software and the colour matching screen.
Anna Carroll, Spectromatch


Colour image science, UK
”There is no substitute for seeing a 3D model to visualise the relationships between colours. Congratulations, Kolormondo, on the ingenuity of your model!”
Lindsay W. MacDonald, Research engineer in colour image science, University College London


Art, architecture, USA
“We use Kolormondo in the School of Art. It will also be used in the School of Architecture.”
Jae Rossman, Yale University

“The Kolormondo sphere is just beautiful, what an attractive and organized “kit.” It’s a learning experience just to open the envelope.”
Olivia Gude, Professor, School of Art and Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago



Colour, design and technology, Italy
The Polytechnic University in Milan uses Kolormondo in the Master Programme ”Color Design & Technology”.


Fashion, USA
My class put it together and have played with it quite a bit in discovering how color is understood
Thomas Bosket, Parsons, New York


Art of Ed

Colour training for children, USA
Art of Ed, a major US network of Art Teachers, calls Kolormondo “A revolutionary tool for teaching color”. Here is an extract from their article: Kolormondo is a hands-on way to visualize color–it displays and organizes hue, saturation, and brightness all at the same time. Putting it together piece-by-piece helps show the ways in which colors interact with one another. The design is incredibly intuitive, both complex and simple at the same time. My kids put it together in less than 5 minutes when I let them take a look; it took my father-in-law closer to 10, but that’s because he was endlessly fascinated by the design. It works great for my classroom full of high schoolers, my primary-age kids love it at home, and even my friends are enthralled by it when they stop by the house. Read the article in full text here.



Colour training for children, Sweden
“Fixa Rummet” is a television program for kids about interior decoration (SVT, Swedish public service broadcaster). They used the giant Kolormondo to teach colour to children.