Kolormondo - the perfect colour tool at lectures and workshops with focus on colour

Lectures and workshops


Scientific conferences, UK and Italy
The Kolormondo concept was presented to a global scientific conference in Newcastle, UK, attended by 700 scientists, arranged by the International Association of Colour as well as a colour conference at the Politechnico de Milan, Italy.


Nicoline med 29 cm föredrag

Interior decoration, Sweden
”Nicoline Kinch is an entertaining speaker as she presents the world of colour and her very pedagogical 3D puzzle Kolormondo is colour theory made fun. Nicoline has lectured at my company, EFG, several times. If you are looking for a speaker who can give inspiration and many good laughs, I strongly recommend Nicoline!”
Rebecca Wahren Dalén, EFG Office Furniture


Florens 15, Sara

Fashion, Italy
Sara Strand of Kolormondo talked on colour at Pitti Uomo, a main trade show for male fashion



Art education for the general public, UK
Kolormondo was invited to do a workshop at Affordable Art Fair, London 2015. The workshop was sold out and seen as a big success by the organisers.


Luleå, fin bild

Adult education, Sweden
Luleå Konsthall (The art center in the city of Luleå, Sweden) invited Kolormondo for 2 half-day seminars. They were sold out, so a third seminar was arranged. Kolormondo is a fantastic innovation. It makes colour understandable. And through Kolormondo, we get a joint language for colour, with terms like,”in the northern part”,”towards the core”, ”close to the Equator” etc. To build the puzzle is an excellent excercise for everybody who wants to learn about colour – there are very few other ways to do this in. Kolormondo is perfect.

 We booked courses with Nicoline for teachers and professional artists in northern Sweden. In a few hours, all 90 places where filled. The participants where very satisfied with the lecture as well as the workshop.

A day with Nicoline is very inspiring for all who want to deepen your knowledge on colour.”
Anette Carlsson, Konsthallen, Luleå



Floral design, Sweden
Kolormondo is repeatedly invited to teach floral students about colour. At the end of the day, students are asked to do a florist decoration based on different pieces of the Kolormondo globe. Colour is very important in the world of flower and Kolormondo inspires the students like no previous tool have done, according to teachers.


Entrepreneurship, Sweden
In a series of lectures on entrepreneurship, Nicoline talked on Kolormondo. What she presented was not only a new product, but a product that really matters – and it was also very interesting, involving and inspiring to listen to her. This is also what the audience expressed in their feedback”
Monica Lindgren, Stockholms Stadsbibliotek