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Interior design, Sweden
Martine Colliander is one of the most well-regarded interior designers in Sweden. She says: “In the fan deck, that I am used to, I find any colour immediately. When abroad, using unfamiliar colour fan decks, I do not understand their logic and have to struggle to find the colour I am locking for So I can imagine the struggle that most people have when trying to find the right colour.But Kolormondo solves the problem. Anybody can immediately find any colour in the logical and intuitive colour globe of Kolormondo”.


  Nyarum2 001 coloramavaren2002

Interior design, Sweden
The Swedish architectural magazine, “Nya Rum”, presented Kolormondo in this design installation. So did also the customer magazine of Colorama, a Swedish paint retail company.


Interior design, UK
 The Kolormondo globe is a lovely part of our studio day-to-day.  I love the energy and expression of your design. Simple but magical!”
Howard Sullivan, Co-founder & Creative Director, YourStudio, London


Paint, UK
“I love my Kolormondo globe”
Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director, Dulux


Paint, Australia
“Dulux Australia uses Kolormondo in their Training Academy and by staff as a handy reference tool”
John Tamblyn, Marketing Manager, Dulux Australia


20140409_102859 Dep d'archtecture, Univ de Mostaganem, Algeria

Architecture, Algeria
Racha Ghariri,I Architecte, Université de Mostaganem-Algérie, says:I use your Kolormondo in my course about colors, it is so easy to understand and so helpful for students. Here are photos from my classes.


Architecture, Portugal
“I use your 3D globe to introduce the 3 colour dimensions to the students”
João Nuno Pernão, Architect, Msc, PhD Professor, CIAUD-Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design